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2nd Week USA Schedules – Regal – Glen Allen/Richmond VA New Location

We will be updating the status of theaters periodically. We are planning to add more theaters next week. Due to holiday season, theaters preferred hollywood movies to ours, so we could not get theaters.

CAFolsom/SacramentoFolsom 14 261 Iron Point Rd, Folsom CA
CAFremontCine Grand Fremont 7 39160 Paseo Padre Pkwy, Fremont, CA 94538
CAMilpitasSerra Theaters 200 Serra Way #37, Milpitas, CA 94538
DEWilmingtonMovies 10 - Wilmington
1796 W Newport Pike, Wilmington, DE 19804
ILNilesMovieMax Cinemas 9180 W Golf Rd, Niles, IL 60714
KSMerriamTinseltown 20 + XD
5500 Antioch Rd,
Merriam, KS 66202
NJNorth BergenEmpire Cinemas Columbia Park 12 3125 John F. Kennedy Blvd, North Bergen, NJ 07047
TXDallasCinemark 17 and IMAX, 11819 Webb Chapel Rd, Dallas,TX 75234
TXHoustonCinemark Tinseltown 290 and XD, 12920 Northwest Fwy, Houston, TX 77040
VAGlen Allen/RichmondRegal Virginia Center Stadium 20 10091 Jeb Stuart Pkwy, Glen Allen, VA 23059
VASterlingRegal Countryside Stadium 20 45980 Regal Plaza, Sterling, VA 20165
WARentonRoxy cinemas 25 S grady Way, Renton,WA 98057

“Are you a Telugu film lover and want to be part of an innovative film exhibition model to screen new movies in the USA? Then please read…..”

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Theater Return Payments and VPF Analysis…

TRENDING NOW: Paisa Vasool Deal

Distributor first takes the VPF and Drive Cost from the amount we receive from theater. After that exhibitor will take his investment. Remaining amount is shared between exhibitor and distributor on 50 50 basis. In this profit share, the maximum profit which exhibitor will get is 40% of total investment. For some locations, maximum profit is 25% of exhibitor’s investment. Drive cost is 160 dollars.

Must Read Terms

  1. Usually theaters take 2 to 4 months atleast after the complete movie run to pay the distributor after taking theater share.
  2. We do our best to tell the total collections to exhibitors as early as possible. But sometimes in order to get theater wise report it may take 1 month.
  3. Please do the calculation using our innovative Break-even Analysis calculator below to analyze the minimum number of people to show up in order to get break-even on your investment. We try to do our best to keep prices minimum so that investors make good returns.
  4. Understand that movie exhibition business is like a gamble where no one can predict the result. So, understand the risks before investing.
  5. We do our best to get premier shows in all theaters. Understand that final copy of the movie does not get ready sometimes even before 1 week of release. It takes a lot of effort to get the drives shipped to theaters.
  6. Our prices include VPF fee. We don’t ask exhibitors to pay any additional amount, if the movie fails to recover the minimum VPF fee paid for the theater by distributor.

Garam Cinemas is introducing a unique state of the art mobile platform encouraging cinema lovers across the United States to become exhibitors of new Telugu movies… We know what you are thinking…

Where do I start?
How much it costs to screen a new Telugu movie in the US?,
How do I get a theatre to screen the movie?

and so on…

Well… it’s pretty simple, this is the one stop shop for all that you need to be an exhibitor… our unique model allows you to earn additional income with a small investment and minimum risk… so all you need to have is the enthusiasm… we will do the rest for you…

How it Works

Our goal is to make film exhibition simple, accessible and affordable. We aim to achieve this by providing honest and detailed information about the actual cost involved in exhibiting a film in your local theater. No registration or signing up is required, simply visit our Market to see for yourself the going rate of a film in a theater of your choice. You can buy exhibition rights for the film in any theater in any state. If you think that you can afford that price, you just need to register and start bidding from your mobile phone. If you won the auction and chose to pay by bank transfer, you will receive an email with details of our bank account and you can transfer amount directly from your bank. We also give the option to pay by credit card. We use STRIPE for accepting payments. All your credit card information is processed by STRIPE directly and we never store any of your credit card information. Learn more about STRIPE here. Once payments are received, you can access your screening contract in our system and we will make all the arrangements to ensure that the film is exhibited in the theater of your choice. Please visit our FAQ page for more details.

Contract Types

  1. 20-50 (Auction Only): Theater Share (rent) is 35% to 65% of collection (which includes state tax). After taking this amount theater sends all remaining collection to distributor. Distributor first takes the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) from the theater collection(usually ranges between 285 and 850 dollars). Then exhibitor will take their entire investment from the remaining collection. After that the exhibitor will take 20% of the remaining collection which is First Exhibitor Share. Remaining collection is shared between the distributor and the exhibitor on a 50%-50% basis which is Final Exhibitor Share.
  2. Paisa Vasool (Auction Only): “Paisa Vasool” deals work on the regular 20:50 pattern, where the exhibitor gets the first 20% profit and the remaining profit is shared 50-50% between the exhibitor and the distributor. However, the only difference is that in the “Paisa Vasool” deal the maximum profit that the exhibitor can get is capped at a value that is equivalent to double the amount of their purchase. For example, if an exhibitor bought a movie rights in a theater for $1000 in our “Paisa Vasool” deal, they will get a maximum return of $2,000 (inclusive of the initial investment, 20% share and the 50% share).
  3. 50-50 (Auction & Buy Now Options): Theater Share (rent) is 35% to 65% of collection (which includes state tax). After taking this amount theater sends all remaining collection to distributor. Distributor first takes the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) from the theater collection(usually ranges between 285 and 850 dollars). Then exhibitor will take their entire investment from the remaining collection. Remaining collection will be shared between exhibitor and distributor on 50:50 basis.
  4. Deal Full Buyout (Auction & Buy Now Options): Theater Share (rent) is 35% to 65% of collection (which includes state tax). After taking this amount theater sends all remaining collection to distributor. Distributor first takes the Virtual Print Fee (VPF) from the theater collection(usually ranges between 285 and 850 dollars). VPF invoice will be shared with exhibitor. Then exhibitor will take all remaining collection.

Break-even Analysis

This tool will instantly tell you the return for your investment based on no. of people show up in theater after all expenses (theater rent, distributor share etc) are met, so that you can take an immediate decision at the time of bidding.

  1. Distributor: Person or entity who buys the USA and Canada distribution rights for the movie by paying the producer in India.
  2. Exhibitor: Person or entity who will buy the exhibition rights for the movie in a particular theater/theaters in USA and Canada by paying to distributor.
  3. Virtual Print Fee (VPF) : It is the name given to a subsidy paid by a film distributor towards the purchase of digital cinema projection equipment for use by a theater in the presentation of first release motion pictures. The subsidy is paid in the form of a fee per booking of a movie, intended to match the savings that occurs by not shipping a film print. Distributor will collect the VPF advance that they paid which is typically between 285 and 850 dollars.
  4. Gross: Total collection which theater makes.
  5. Theater Share: Theater takes 35% to 65% of the total ticket collection towards rent and state taxes. This percent varies based on total collection theater makes. This will be decided after the full run of the movie in that theater.
  6. Net Income Gross collection excluding VPF and Theater Share is Net Income.
  7. Gross Profit Net Income excluding exhibitor investment is Gross Profit.
  8. First Exhibitor Share: The share that the exhibitor takes from the Gross Profit. Based on contract type, it can be 20%, 50% or 100% of the Gross Profit.
  9. Net Profit: Gross Profit minus First Exhibitor Share is Net Profit.
  10. Final Exhibitor Share: This is Net Profit shared between exhibitor and distributor on a 50-50 basis.

Breakeven Point Not Reached


Thank you for your submission!

For example exhibitor bought the screening rights for $1000 for a theater. If 400 people came to watch the movie in its entire run, @ $12 per ticket, theater will make 400*12 = $4800. Theater will keep 35% to 65% (this may vary between 35% to 65% based on the total collections from that particular theater group. For example Cinemark group theaters made a collection of 300k in total, then theater share may be around 35%, but if the collection is 100K, theater share would be 60%. Other theater groups may have a fixed percentage irrespective of collection. In any scenario the max. theater share would not be more than 65% (this includes state tax). These theater percentage are examples only and we will know the exact percent only after the complete theater run of the movie. For this example we consider 60% as theater share. So, theater share is $2880. Amount distributor receives from theater is $1920. Virtual Print Fee is approximately $850, which the distributor initially pays to the theater on the exhibitor’s behalf for running the show apart from print dispatch costs. VPF cost ranges from 250 to 850 per theater. We will let you know the VPF costs for theater you are interested in contract section. This amount will be deducted from the $1920. So, final number is $1070. Exhibitor takes back their entire investment of $1000 from the $1070. The remaining $70 will be the net profit of which 20% goes to the exhibitor. So the distributor pays the exhibitor a total of 1000+14= $1014. The remaining profit (56) will be shared on 50-50 basis between the distributor and the exhibitor. This leaves the total share of the exhibitor to 1014+28= $1042. Distributor will send you a check of $1042 within the agreed time period (usually 1 month) after payment is received from theater.


Breakeven Point Not Reached


Thank you for your submission!

Our Business Model

  1. Our unique mobile platform supports any device & any browser, so that you always have access to information and can take actions immediately.
  2. We keep the price low by selling on theater basis rather than by region. This minimizes the risk to exhibitor significantly.
  3. We don’t restrict the exhibitor to buy multiple theaters or regions. However we do advice the exhibitors to invest responsibly.
  4. Exhibitors have clear visibility of the ongoing bidding process for every theater.
  5. Exhibitors will be notified via email of every transaction they make and also will receive a notification when their bid is outbid.
  6. Each exhibitor will have their own space in our platform, with full access to their profile, contracts, bids and to make secure payments.
  7. Once payment is received, exhibitors will be able to view and download their screening contracts.
  8. Within 15 days following the receipt of the payment from the theater, we will send the exhibitor’s share amount along with theater payment report. Duration within which theaters pay the distributor varies based on the theater group which is usually 4-7 weeks after the 1st week run of the movie.

If you need more information please visit our FAQ page or get in Touch with us.

Core Values

Trust, Transparency and Time bound delivery of funds are the core values on which Garam Cinemas is founded. We plan to gain the trust of exhibitors by being transparent in all transactions and time bound delivery of funds to everyone. We hope everyone who do business with Garam Cinemas will be benefited in all means.